● Zhuji Pearl Market

Zhuji Pearl Market

Zhuji Pearls Market Scale:

A complex of 1.2 million square meters, with total investment is over 3 billion RMB which is about 450 million USD, with a yearly transaction of about 750 tons of pearls and pearl jewelry.

A well known fact is that 73% of the world fresh water pearls are supplied by Zhuji, mainly by this market.

2,380 showrooms are already fully built. About 1,500 showrooms are already in business. A large part of the finished showrooms are still waiting for new owners.

Zhuji Pearls Market Products:

1.Loose pearls of all types, all sizes, and all colors, for wholesale and retail. Mainly fresh water pearls.

2.Earl jewelry, 925 silver pear jewelry, and 18 K gold pearl jewelry.

3.Pearl crafts of vary types.

4.Pearl side products like pearl powers.

Zhuji Pearls Market Advantages:

Zhuji, the capital of the ancient Yue Kingdom and native town of Xishi (legendary beauty in ancient China), is a famous place in the history in China for home of pearls.

Zhuji has the largest pearl marketplace in the world and is the world’s largest freshwater pearl distribution centre and a region with the most advanced pearl processing technologies in China. Its pearls are exported to more than  50 cuntries and regions around the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan Russia and Southeast Asia.

Zhuji’s annual freshwater pearl trade volume represents 70% of annual world’s freshwater pearl trade volume and 80% of annual China’s freshwater pearl trade volume.

And this market is designed to be a global pearl and pearl jewellery production and processing centre, a distributing and logistics centre, a brand display and trade centre, a business information and cultural exchange centre, a business travel and shopping centre, and a sales and marketing centre for local and international manufacturers and suppliers.

Now this market is a China AAAA tourist destination and a 5 star provincial market. 

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