● Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets

Guangzhou Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets

Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets was inaugurated in September 1991 as the first specialized household electric appliances market in Guangzhou. The market sells up to one thousand different types of brand-name home appliances from home and abroad. As the first electric appliance market under Highsun Group, Haiyin Electric Appliance Market has always upheld the business vision of “Trendy Products and professional Services”, with the aim of creating a professional electric appliance market.

The business area of the market includes four major sections: the old side deals mainly with white appliances, including refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, ventilator and hot water heaters, in addition to walkie talkie, mobile phones, and loudspeakers, etc.; the new site involves mainly audio supplies , electronic games equipment , LED TV, mobile phones and digital products; the second section boasts the most shops in the market , with boutiques of brand-name audio supplies, mobile phones, digital products, electronic toys, security monitoring and inspection devices , etc; the second and third floors provide mainly office supplies including computers and printers. There are electronic games equipment sold here as well.

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