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Keqiao is one of the most vibrant, bustling textile manufacturing, trading and distribution hubs in the world. With China Textile City as its biggest competitive edge, the area has the competition sewn up and is leading the way to an optimistic future for China’s textile industry.

Strategically located to the south of the Yangtze River Delta, the Keqiao District of Shaoxing City from Zhejiang province is approximately 25 kilometres from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to the west, 120 kilometres from the Ningbo Beilun Port to the east and 220 kilometres from Shanghai to the north. With an area of 1,080 square kilometres, the entire district consists of 12 towns and 4 residential districts with a population of 649,800 registered permanent residents and a 625,000-strong migrant population. 

Keqiao is fully connected by well-constructed, modern and high-grade roads. It is easily accessed by a comprehensive network of railways and expressways including the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo railway linking the east with the west, and the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo and Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou expressways running through the county. The container shipping business forms a prosperous sector thanks to more than 100 transport lines linking Keqiao to the rest of the county. River navigation is also well-developed with the East Zhejiang Canal reaching Ningbo Port in the east and connecting to the Great Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in the west. 

As an important coastal economic district, Keqiao is one of the most active areas of China’s private and market economies, ranked highly in the list of top 10 strongest counties for several years. With the manufacturing industry as the backbone of its economy, Keqiao also has flourishing sectors like trading, tourism, building, real estate and agriculture. There are 13 listed enterprises in the district, and its total GDP and per capita GDP were US$17.6bn and US$27,175 respectively in 2014. 

Keqiao is one of the largest textile production bases on the Chinese mainland with about 10,000 relevant enterprises producing all kinds of textile products. More than three million tonnes of chemical fibres are produced in Keqiao, in addition to 16.5 billion metres of printed and dyed fabrics and more than 200 million garment items. Together, these generate annual exports of textile fabrics worth more than US$10bn. The economic value generated by Keqiao’s textile industry accounts for 10 per cent of the national total. A complete product chain is in place, with items ranging from PTA and chemical fibres to polyester fabrics; dyed and printed fabrics to garments and home textiles. 

China Textile City 

China Textile City thrives in the Keqiao District of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang province. Founded in the 1980s, China Textile City is the first national professional textile market with “China” as part of its name. In recent years, Keqiao District has insisted on a combined development model of industry, market and city construction. This model has been vigorously pursued, meaning that the level of clustering, modernisation and internationalisation of the market has been continuously rising.

Currently, China Textile City, with "Textile City+" as its core business, vigorously develops creative fashion, e-commerce, modern logistics, convention and exhibition economy, modern finance, culture, sports and other industries, and strives to build itself as an internationalised, fashionable, smart and comprehensive textile city. China Textile City covers a construction area of more than 3.65 million square metres with more than 29,000 companies managing more than 40,000 kinds of products. There are more than 1,200 permanent overseas representative agencies and commercial enterprises and nearly 6,000 overseas permanent purchasers, creating an annual turnover of more than US$18.53bn and an annual export of nearly US$4bn. The turnover of Online China Textile City has exceeded US$1,544m and the annual freight volume has surpassed 4 million tons. With 100,000 customer visits to the markets every day, the sales network has covered 187 countries and regions, which has made China Textile City the world’s largest textile distribution centre. 

Online China Textile City 

With a total investment of US$309m from the government of Keqiao District, the online version of China Textile City aims to become the world’s largest textile e-commerce platform with textile industry news, a trade information database, a complete collection of products and enterprises, online textile transactions and public information services. It will be the realisation of a physical marketplace and online market development.

China Textile City includes five centres, for trade information, textile news, online transactions, community news and public information. Six service areas focus on support for the following: Textile Showrooms, Online Finance, Market Management, Mobile Terminals, Textile Enterprises Online Office and Textile Warehouse Logistics and Testing. At present, there are 2,000,000 domestic and overseas professional textile members, and Online China Textile City is home to 620,000 online shops. Efforts are being made to build the world’s most comprehensive textile information database and the most convenient trade transaction process of any e-commerce platform in the textile industry. Soon, Online China Textile City will serve more than 60 per cent of global textile enterprises and become the backbone of the modern textile and garment industry, eventually making a contribution to industry upgrades and transition. 

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Global Textiles

The Global Textiles business-matching meeting of China Textile City, organised by the China Textile City Construction and Management Committee, consists of a series of innovative business-matching activities, serving as a service platform to help relevant manufacturers explore more business opportunities while promoting their brands and products and upgrading their creativity. 

Launched in 2009, the event was formed in collaboration with China Textile City and relevant industry enterprises and organisations, helping textile manufacturers to tackle the tumultuous period caused by the global financial crisis and also transformed the traditional trading model from “stationed trade” to “mobile trade”.

The Global Textiles business-matching meeting has been held in Shenzhen, Wenzhou and Dalian and overseas in Prato, Paris and Seoul. In response to encouraging feedback, China Textile City recently set up trade offices in Dubai and Milan and organises various business-matching activities for the benefit of textile manufacturers. 

The Global Textiles business-matching meeting of China Textile City has been held more than 10 times, acting as an industry bridge between textile suppliers and international buyers, and it has emerged as a major service brand for the textile industry. 

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Keqiao Textile Index of China 

On 21 October 2007, the first domestic textile index — the Keqiao Textile Index of China — was released jointly by the Ministry of Commerce and the Keqiao District People’s Government, then known as the Shaoxing County People’s Government. 

The Keqiao Textile Index of China is an integrated index system that comprehensively reflects China Textile City and the development of the textile industry in Keqiao District. It thereby has an impact on the development of the professional textile market on the mainland and beyond. It consists of the textiles price index, textiles boom index and textiles foreign trade index. The Keqiao Textile Index of China was released formally to the world via “Business Forecast” by the Ministry of Commerce, Phoenix TV, the China Textile newspaper and other media, leading to the upgrade of professional markets.

Home in CTC 

“Home in CTC” is a strategic plan based on the characteristics of China Textile City, to explore and implement an effective integrated development mechanism. It is a bold and innovative move meant to satisfy the different requirements of society, the market and relevant enterprises. The ultimate aim is to build a harmonious industrial and operational environment and ramp up efforts to lead China Textile City to an even brighter future. 

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