● Guangzhou Traffic

Guangzhou Traffic


New Baiyun International Airport (CAN) has been in operation since August 5, 2004. The new airport is located between Renhe Town of Baiyun District to the north and Xinhua Town of Huadu District to the east, 17 kilometers (10.6 miles) away from the old one and 28 kilometers (17.4 miles) away from Haizhu Plaza, the city center.

Flights from New Baiyun International Airport (CAN) connect the city with more than 70 domestic cities and over 21 international cities. The domestic flights go to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Kunming, Chongqing, Haikou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Ningbo and Lianyungang, etc. The direct international flights are to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Osaka, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Tokyo, Jakarta, Taipei, Hong Kong, Sydney, Amsterdam, Frankfort, Paris and New York, etc. Flying in around 16 hours, the flight to New York departs at 01:40 every Mon., Wed., Fri. and Sun.

Airport Inquiry Hotline: 36066999 (Mandarin, Cantonese and English languages are available.) 



Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is about 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) from the North Railway Station, 5.6 miles (9 kilometers) from the East Station, 14 miles (23 kilometers) from the South Station and 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) from Baiyun International Airport. As rail lines to Shenzhen, Beijing and Sanshui directions meet here, the station is one of the important rail transportation hubs in China.

Address: West Huanshi Road, Yuexiu District


Guangzhou East Railway Station

Opposite the Zhongtai International Plaza, Guangzhou East Railway Stationis 6 miles (10 km) from Guangzhou Railway Station, 16.3 miles (26 km) from the South Railway Station, 21.5 miles (40 km) from the North Railway Station, and 24 miles (38 km) from Baiyun International Airport.

Address: Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District

Guangzhou North Railway Station

Originally named Huadu Station till 1999 and renovated in 2009, Guangzhou North Railway Station is a bit far from the city center. It is about 17 miles (27 kilometers) from Guangzhou Railway Station, 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the East Station, 30 miles (49 kilometers) from the South Station, and 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Baiyun International Airport.

Address: Xinhua Street in Huadu District Guangzhou

Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station is about 10.5 miles (17 km) from the downtown area, 14 miles (23 km) from Guangzhou Railway Station, and 34 miles (55 km) from Baiyun International Airport. The station has been in use since 2010 and was designed to be one of the main transportation hubs in the Pearl River Delta.

Address: Shibi Village, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District

Guangzhou Long-Distance Bus

Expressways have been built linking various cities and in the downtown area of Guangzhou, viaducts, a tunnel under the river, and so on, have been constructed. At present, there are 15 bus stations, operating frequent buses to and from the cities in and around Guangdong Province. Among them, the Provincial Bus Station and Guangzhou Passenger Station provide more bus routes. Besides, Fangcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station and Yuexiu South Bus Station are also frequented by passengers. Especially, Yuexiu South Bus Station boasts the bus routes to reach Hong Kong and Macau.

Guangzhou City-Bus

Guangzhou city buses include daytime lines, night lines, BRT lines, airport shuttle buses, and tourist routes.

Guangzhou Metro

Fares of Guangzhou Metro currently range from ¥2 (a couple of stations) to ¥14 (the longest journeys). A journey shorter than 4 km costs ¥2; ¥1 is charged for every 4 km after 4 km, every 6 km after 12 km, and every 8 km after 24 km. Between 30 October 2010 and 30 October 2011, an additional, undiscountable ¥5 fee was charged for any journey to or from Airport South. Collection of such a fee was approved for one year in July 2010 and expired without extension.The fare for the longest possible journey to the exiting station will be charged if a journey exceeds four hours. Passengers may carry luggage below weight and size limits at no cost or a ¥2 surcharge.

 Line 1: East Railway Station – Xilang

 Line 2: Jiahewanggang – South Railway Station

 Line 3: Airport South – West Tiyu Road; Tianhe Coach Terminal – Panyu Square

 Line 4: Huangcun – Jinzhou

 Line 5: Jiaokou – Wenchong

 Line 6: Xunfenggang – Xiangxue

 Line 7:  South Railway Station – Higher Education Mega Center South

 Line 8: Fenghuang Xincun – Wanshengwei

 Guangzhou-Foshan Line: Yangang – Kuiqi Road

 APM: Linhe West - Canton Tower



At present, Guangzhou has about 30,000 taxis operated by different companies, but demand is huge particularly during peak hours from 7:30 am to 9 am and during lunch and dinner. So you might have difficulty hailing a taxi during rush hours.

Make sure they turn on the meter and carry and give only small change/bills to avoid counterfeits. Another problem is that they may driver around to raise the fare

Fares: The flag-down fare is 10 yuan for the first 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) and 2.6 yuan is charged for each additional kilometer (0.6 mile). After 35 Kilometers, a 50% surcharge is added automatically.


Lianhuashan Port

Panyu Lianhuashan Port is located at the southern foot of the famous Lianhuashan Mountain (Lotus Mountain). It is 61 sea miles from Hong Kong. Near the Lianhuashan Port, there are many tourist attractions, such as Xiangjiang Wild Animals World and Changlong Nocturnal Animals World. At present, the Panyu Lianhuashan Port provides high speed passenger liners between Guangzhou and Hong Kong daily. The whole voyage only takes one hour and fifty minutes.

Transportation from city downtown area to Panyu Lianhuashan Port:

It takes about 30 minutes from the downtown to Lianhuashan Port by bus. From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Lianhuashan Port, the bus needs about one hour. In Panyu District, many hotels sell ship tickets in advance and provide free buses to send passengers to the port.

Huangpu Port

The Huangpu Port in Huangpu District provides the ship to Xiuying Port, Haikou. The ship is called Coconut Fragrance Princess, Yexiang Gongzhu in Chinese. It is 140 meters long and 204 meters wide. It takes about 18 hours by sea to go from Haikou to Guangzhou by sea. On the ship, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. It takes you to visit the Humen Bridge and the scenery of the Pearl River. 

Transportation from downtown area to Huangpu Port:

1. Get to Tianhe Sports Center or Dongshankou by metro. Then, transfer to the Bus No.50 to go to Huangpu Port Terminal.

2. Take the Bus No.24, 43, or 292 at the East Railway Station.

Notices for Ship Passengers:

1. Passengers, who hold valid passport, visa and other travel documents, should purchase tickets according to specifications.

2. Child ticket is only suitable for the kids aged one to five.

3. Passengers should reach the appointed port one hour in advance.

4. Passengers are not allowed to get on the ship 15 minutes before the departure.

5. Each passenger can take 4 kilograms' hand baggage for free (with the volume of less than 0.028 stere).

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