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Wholesale Markets in China

There are large wholesale markets all over China. Foreign buyers, however, mostly go to those that can be more easily accessed and probably have more experience in dealing with foreign purchasers. 

What is generally called a wholesale market in China is, in many cases, a marketplace where large numbers of trading companies take up offices, counters, or stalls to sell to buyers from around China (evidently from abroad too) who want to purchase goods at lower prices. Quite a few such wholesale centers may exist next to one another in a given neighborhood to maximize the opportunities offered by the inflow of buyers. Some cities, such as Yiwu City, has made wholesaling their main business.

Some of the wholesale markets deal with a wide range of goods whereas others specialize in one kinds of merchandise. Yiwu, for example, is a wholesale center known for all kinds of small goods. Shishi in Fujian and Humen in Guangdong, on the other hand, are known for apparels.

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