● Guangzhou Market

Guangzhou Market

There are many wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which cover construction area millions square metre and deal with abundant of commoditie. Some large-scale wholesale markets in Guangzhou are famous all over the world especially in China for their clear functions,strong regional features,concentrated and plentiful commodities and complete types. Every year,many businessmen all over the world are attracted to purchase a large number of commodities from Guangzhou and export to over 200 countries.

You may find more informations about the major wholesale markets in Guangzhou from the market catalogues on our website.You are also welcome to contact with us by e-mail if you need any further information or support from us.

>> Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets

>> Baima Costume Market

>> Zhan Xi Garment Wholesale Market

>> Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

>> Liwan Plaza Jewelry Market

>> Guangzhou Jade Market

>> Xiguan Antiques Market

>> Haiyin Electric Appliances Markets

>> Binbin Electronic Center

>> Zhongda Fabric Market

>> Highsun Fabric Market

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