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Yiwu Restaurant

Due to the assembly of foreigners from various countries and religious belief, there are many diversified restaurants here in Yiwu to meet requirements of different people. Restaurants of Arabic, Islamic and Korean flavors are everywhere to see, and western-stytle restaurants, fast food like KFC, Mcdonald are also convenient to eat in. 

Many foreigners also invest in the running of restaurants of their distinct taste, which provide authentic local specialties. When night falls, and people have finished their tighten daily work, they would gather together to drink and chat, which is an ideal place to change ideas and latest information. The following will introduce some popular catering places for your reference. We will also glad to offer further information off-line should you need, please feel free to contact with us.

>>>Restaurant recommended

>>Venice Restaurant(Italian style restaurant)

Venice Restaurant is a western restaurant in Yiwu city…It is located at the back of the International Hotel, is close to Empire Bar. It has top western food chef from Australian and shanghai city, and provides western food and coffee & French wine ….Free wireless internet and western music are available in the restaurant. And It also have great experience for organizing birthday party for both foreign friends and Chinese…

Venice Restaurant.jpg

Address: No.10,Building2,At the back of International Mansion Hotel(next to Empire Bar)

Contact: 0579-85571172

Website: www.venicerestaurant1.com

>>Sydney Blue Restaurant(Australian Cuisines)

Sydney Blue is an Australian restaurant representing all Australian values ,following strict line of food safety,the owner is an Australian man who has lots of passion for food, they  aim is to deliver a good western food by using top materials and fresh vegetables,food safety and healthy food is must,it's healthy delicious made the way you like it. 


Address: No.61, Huagong Road,Yiwu,Zhejiang,China

Contact: 0579-85202177

Website: www.sydneyblue.net

>>>Other diversified restaurants

>>Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant (Turkish style restaurant)

 Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant.png

Address: 220 Bing Wang Rd, Yiwu,  Zheijang Province,  China, 332000

>>Vatan Indian Restaurant & Bar

 Vatan Indian Restaurant & Bar.png

Address: 368 Chengbei Rd, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China, 322000

Hours: Open today · 8AM–11:30PM

Phone: +86 579 8559 1551

>>Sentosa Restaurant & Bar

Exquisite Semi-fine Dining Italian & American Restaurant in the heart of Yiwu City welcomes you with fresh Italian and American food to make you feel at home. This restaurant, in the city’s market area, is here to make your Yiwu experience. Comfortable & Enjoyable without burning a hole in you pocket. 

Sentosa Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place to spend a relaxed evening after work. You can come with friends for a game (chess, scrabble etc) over coffee or come alone or with family for dinner and drinks. We also Screen Live Football, Cricket matches along with our special schemes and student discounts.

Sentosa Restaurant & Bar.jpg

Address:  No. 173-178 Jiang Dong Mid Road, Yiwu, Zheijang Province,  China, 332000

>>Elements (European style restaurant)

Address:148 Gong Ren West Rd, Yiwu,  Zheijang Province,  China, 332000

>>>Yiwu's Famous Food Streets 

>>Night Food Market on Santing Road

View Night Food Market on Santing Road Picture Santing Road is famous in Yiwu for its night food market. The market not only cooks up casseroles, brochette, congee, duck head and booth fried dishes, but also sells a random assortment of clothes, shoes and knick knacks.

Night Food Market on Santing Road.jpg


>>Huagong Road Food Street

A tasty array of authentic Yiwu snacks can be found on Huagong Road. Specialties include roasted dumpling, small lobsters, steamed chicken wings, Donghe meat cake etc. – all of them are worth tasting.


>>Pizza Hut 

Address1: No.88, Chengzhong Middle Road, Yiwu 

Address2: No.113, Gongren West Road

Address3: No. 266, Wangdao Road

>>Winner Pizza 

Address: No.1 Nanmen Street,Yiwu 

Phone: 0086 (0)579-85252229Luo 

>>>Fast Food


Address 1: No. 111, Chengzhong Middle Road, Choucheng Street 

Address 2: No. 55, Jiangdong Middle Road

Address 3: No. 482, Jiangdong Middle Road

Address 4: No. 485,Chouzhou East Road


Address1: No. 128, Chengzhong Middle Road 

Address2: No.53, 55, 57, 59, Chouzhou East Road

Address 3: No.168, Wangdao Road 

Address 4: No666, Jiangdong Middle Road

>>Subway Restanrant 

Address1: No.695-697 Gongren North Road,Yiwu 

Address2: floor1,L1A01, No9. Gongren West Road

>>>Yiwu Coffee 

The famously busy people of Yiwu has recently taken to cafes as a welcome refuge to indulge in a low key and relaxed atmosphere. We’ve explored the streets of Yiwu to discover some of the nicest spots for good cup of that all important coffee! 

>>Yiwu Starbucks 

All coffee drinkers in China know of Starbucks and Yiwu is definitely no exception to this rule. Ever since Starbucks opened up shop in the Yiwu Yihe Hotel, it has become a popular place to hang out and drink coffee. Starbucks, with its freshly ground coffee, Western snacks and relaxed atmosphere, is a great place to hang out with friends and while away an afternoon.

Address1: floor 1, Yihe Hotel, No. 2, Gongren North Road 

Address2: floor 1, Jindu  Hotel, No. 2, Chengzhong Middle Road 

Address3: NO15. Gongren West Road(Beside Intime) 

Address4: floor 1, Wan Da Square 

>>Dio Coffee  

Let’s meet at the Dio Coffee that we always go to!” If you hear a foreigner saying this in Yiwu, then you can be sure that he is pointing to the Dio Coffee in the Futian Market of Yiwu Guoji Shangmao Cheng area. The coffee and cake selection that’s on offer here is quite original European fare and the fact that it also employs English speaking staff makes this a popular spot for the Western expats of the city.

Since 80% of customers are foreign traders, the selection of coffees is very large in order to cater to the many different tastes, varying from staples such as espresso and cappuccino to more exotic varieties such as Bella Vista and Ethiopia Sidamo. Apart from coffees, the café also offers simple Western and Chinese dishes.

Address1:  No.18-22, the 2nd Street, Shangmao District, Binwang Road

Address2:  No.1-7, Danxi North Road, Renmin Square

Address3: No.342-348, Jiangbin Middle Road

>>B Shore Coffee 

B Shore Coffee is the biggest coffee chain store in Yiwu with 10 shops scattered around town. The coffee served here is pure Italian style with a selection of espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato and con panna. To ensure the quality and original taste of the coffee, both coffee beans and machinery are imported from Italy. Apart from coffee, the café also serves up a range of sweets as well as simple Western and Chinese food.

B Shore Coffe Shop 1

Add: 8 Binwang Shgangmao Qu Er Jie, Yiwu 

Tel: 0579 8527 7001 

Opening hours:09:00-02:00

B Shore Coffe Shop 2

Add: 112 Danxi Bei Lu, Yiwu 

Tel:0579 510 0300

B Shore Coffe Shop 3

Add: 33 Binwang Shgangmao Qu San Jie, Yiwu 

Tel: 0579 555 1588

You are welcome to contact with us freely if you want to know more information about Yiwu restaurant. 

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