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How to find a good Yiwu Agent ?

When you want to do successful importing business from China, particularly from Yiwu Market, it's very important to find a good purchasing agent. A Good Yiwu Agent can really save you time and money. How to find A Good Yiwu Agent? Follow these guidelines and you won’t be far from finding the serious and trustworthy Yiwu Agent.

1.     Check their site.

Nowadays almost each agent has their own website. Some agents even have a lot. A website is a good way to understand the people behind website. In fact, that is the only way for you to get information before contacting anyone.

2.     Take care with those who talk nonsense, no responsibility.

Don’t take it seriously when you see loads of website say that they are “the No.1”, “the biggest”, “the best”, or “the official” Yiwu agent. But obviously, it’s impossible there are so many No.1 and biggest, you should check carefully and find the really best for you.

3.     Leave Agent who don't have rules.

A lot of Yiwu agents don't have a clear rule and policy for their service and charges, but just want you to contact them or chat with them. Leave them from the beginning, you will avoid a lot of headache afterwards.

4.     Leave those agent who offer you 1% commission.

A lot of agents saying they only charge a 1% commission, or they offer FREE service, free cars, free everything. Or they cleverly saying charge "low to 1% commission". 1% is just too good to be true. Any decent trading company or sourcing agent can hardly survive at 1% commission. In two ways you’ll be cheated by those agents who offer you 1% commission:

They demand money from your suppliers. Of course suppliers will add this money into their prices quoted to you. Generally this hidden commission ranges from 3% to 20% on top of what you already paid them for their service.

They increase price covertly, they record the price higher without you noticing it during a market tour. Supplier quotes CNY1.00, your agent writes down CNY1.20 on the paper.

The consequences are obvious: they defend your supplier more than they defend you when things go bad, finding excuses for supplier for late shipments, holding back quality issues if ever they actually quality check your goods etc., for they get more money from supplier than from you.

5.     Avoid these agent who don’t want you visit market/supplier alone.

Some agents want to arrange several staff/translator to follow you every minute during your visit to market or suppliers, they afraid you to meet with supplier alone. Avoid these agents, because these agent usually want to hidden commission from supplier or they want to increase price covertly. Tell them you will visit market alone for couple of days at the begging or your ordering in the market. For example, if you stay in Yiwu for 6days, you tell them you will visit market alone for the first one or two days alone, you will see how their reaction is.

6.     Let agent show themselves.

You need to find out who is this guy? Which company you're dealing with? Let them show their ID. Check their Chinese name on the name card. Not only the English name. You can find million of Jack, or Julie, or Lisa, or Mike...in Yiwu.

Check their business license, tax registration, company ID and make copies, to make sure they're legally registered in Yiwu/Zhejiang/China. NOT in HK, or somewhere a small island.

      7. Deal with company, don’t deal with individual

You know the detriment to working with an individual instead of company at the other side of the world so well, that I don’t have to talk about it in length. But you may not realize that lots of individual posed to own a company or work for a company. If you find people approach you in these ways, stay away from them.

8.     TRUST No.1, EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE No.2, FACILITY comes at No.3.

Many agents claiming they can source thousands different products for you from Yiwu. This is true. But can they do a good job with thousands different products? Here is a big question mark. You'd better find an agent that is specialized in your products, or at least is familiar with your type of products. These people will be more confident with QC in the end. They can also talk to suppliers before placing orders.

But please remember the most important is TRUST. All the agent can get experience from work very quickly, but not every agent you can trust.

FACILITY comes at No.3.

For an agent in Yiwu, the two most important facilities are office and warehouse. In Yiwu, a good office is an office that close to market. Almost every day, agents staff need to go to market. A close location to the market means the staff won't need to take a bus or get stuck in traffic jam. This makes their life easier. They can also be more efficient with your work.

Warehouse must be spacious. Considering the fact that sometimes products need to be repacked or checked throughly. This job will be impossible if there is not enough space.

But please remember the TRUST is still the most important thing. A agent company who have beautiful office, biggest showroom and largest warehouse, doesn’t mean too much for you. But a serious and trustworthy Yiwu Agent can really make you sleep well and enlarge your business with Yiwu China.

After going through above guidelines, I'm sure you're very close to a trustworthy, serious, and reliable agent.

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